About ShiningCarats

Started in the year 2021 ShiningCarats is a brand of parent company K.P.Jewellers which has a background of working in the industry since 1984. K.P.Jewellers is a manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer in diamond jewellery market.

ShiningCarats is the internet route of jewellery business which will break the ages old stereotype of having inventory in physical for the diamond jewellery market around the globe. Under the app we provide 10000+ designs access to clients. The app will help small medium scale jewellers to gain a greater market share in the business with the minimal investment.

Retailers can be a part of the shiningcarats family and use the app to get business in the most unique and latest way.

Contact Us

Phone: +91 99243 33698

Mail: aakashjhaveri@icloud.com